Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Waffle

Tonight I am going to the opening of a chic new waffle bar, Wafflemeister, in Portobello Road. I got invited because it turns out I know influential people. Or at least influential in the waffle world. It should be good times, and I am excited to try their delicious-looking secret recipe – especially their new ‘savoury’ waffles, which I imagine to be somewhat like savoury crêpes, minus the mess.

I have always been more of a waffle fan than a pancake fan. I make an exception for my dad’s yogurt pancakes, but otherwise I prefer the crisp brown outside and soft sweet inside of a waffle. If Michael and I had been the sort of normal couple who gets married and receives kitchen gadgets, a waffle maker would have been first on my list. Sadly, we move around too much to actually own anything nice, but a girl can dream.

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