Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Stuff British People Like

Continued from my previous post:

11) Peeling off almost all their clothes to sunbathe the minute the sun appears and the temperature rises above 17C.

12) Lobster red sunburns (this applies only to Brits with pasty white skin).

13) The word 'brilliant' to mean 'wonderful' or 'great'... sadly not used to actually describe this blog author as having mensa level intelligence.

14) Travelling abroad, with delicious local specialties on offer, only to spend the whole time longing for pub food (this applies mainly to a bunch of Brits I met in Argentina).

15) Professing their superiority to Americans, then...

16) Sucking up to America (don't laugh, Canada, this applies to you too!)

17) Using the word 'Asian' to describe anyone from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. This one I find particularly funny because, to me, an Asian is someone from Korea, China or Japan (occasionally Vietnam, Thailand). However, I suppose India is technically in Asia...

18) The ongoing debate about whether or not to join the single currency.

19) The ongoing debate about immigration.

20) Tiny hats at weddings.

21) Gigantic hats at Ascot.

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