Friday, November 26, 2010

You Know You're an Expat When...

1) You go home for a visit and bring an empty suitcase to load up on all those over-the-counter drugs you can't find in your adopted country.
2) You have more than one clock on your computer to keep track of all those pesky time zones.
3) You are annoyed by any friend or family member who doesn't yet have skype. It's FREE, people!
4) You see a mouse or a cockroach in a restaurant and it doesn't even turn your stomach.
5) You maliciously call your parents to remind them they live in a frozen wasteland (whereas you just live in a damp, grey wasteland).
6) You become irrationally angry the week there's no new episode of the Rick Mercer Report: how else will you get your news?
7) You watch your nieces and nephews grow up via webcam.
8) You develop traveller's amnesia: everywhere you go reminds you of somewhere else.
9) You secretly like Europop.
10) You no longer receive real presents... everyone just sends a cheque.

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