Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who's on first?

I recently posted* an article I thought was particularly hilarious about an entire generation of people who think it’s acceptable to spew forth the contents of their day via facebook or twitter. The article in question was especially good at making fun of people who choose to emote hither and yon, including all 300 of their closest internet ‘friends’ and followers in their relationship. The author of this article (really an excerpt from her new book) went on to admit that it would be creepy and weird to forbid your partner to have an internet existence, so you might as well join up and start monitoring their every cyber-movement.

It was all very tongue-in-cheek, of course. There’s obviously no way you can stop people from exercising their right to online stupidity (see my previous posts regarding the failure to write properly). If they want to tell a public forum about their date, their sex life, or their breakup, it’s up to them… and the rest of us can either ignore it, or roll our eyes and judge, judge, judge (no bonus points for guessing which camp I’m in). It was a funny, light-hearted, witty, sarcastic, well-written excerpt.

Apparently, though, one of the comments described it as ‘bitter’, or rather the author was described as ‘bitter’. I can only presume this was because she was a woman who dared to use her rapier wit to skewer something that hit close to home. Aside from the fact that the article didn’t read at all that way, I’m left to wonder why funny men who are bold writers are described as ‘hilarious’ while their female counterparts are described as ‘bitter’? Example: I love libraries, but the great American writer Kurt Vonnegut once wrote that anyone who doesn’t buy a book is a twit. Now, I find that funny, and it’s obvious he’s poking fun because he’s a writer and wants people to buy books. The statement is made tongue-in-cheek, but you wouldn’t hear anyone describe the late Kurt Vonnegut as a ‘bitter’ WWII vetran.

But on the off chance that it’s not about marginalising women (childlessfree = bitter, single = bitter, funny and smart = bitter), I will jump on the interwebs bandwagon and, like, totally share one of the most, like, amazeballs moments of my marriage.

Michael (watching clips on his computer): “Does the noise bother you?”

Me: “No, it’s fine.”

Michael: “Okay, just checking.”

ZOMG, don’t you, like, totally feel the soulmate connection? Now everyone can be part of our love from reading this mundane conversation!

And Speaking of Conversations:

The following was a conversation I had last week with a fab individual who isn’t familiar with some of the more outrageous place names in Canada.

Him: “I just had a conversation with a girl from Nemo.”

Me: “Nemo? Like the fish movie?”

Him: “Yes, Nemo. On Vancouver Island. Do you know it?”

Me: “Nope. Oh, wait, do you mean Nanaimo?”

Him: “Yes, that’s it. Naimo.”

Me: “ No. Nanaimo.”

Him: “Nonanaimo?”

Who’s on first? Nanaimo is.

*Edit: When I say 'post', I don't mean on this blog. I mean on facebook... gah, I'm as guilty as all the rest!

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