Monday, October 24, 2011

My Wandering London Eye

Have you seen September around anywhere? I swear it was right here, but now it seems I’ve lost it. No matter, there’s always Oct… oh look, that’s almost come and gone too. Luckily, not without my making some delicious Halloween sugar cookies, complete with decorative icing. I’d show you a picture, but someone has eaten them so fast I didn’t have time to get out my camera. Of course, he’ll say the lack of photos is because the orange pumpkin icing is more like the peach colour our flat used to be, and that the ghosts are kind of gimpy… but seeing as how there’s no evidence, who are you going to believe?

London and I have fallen into a comfortable rhythm, like that point in a relationship where you realise you can go ahead and stop shaving your legs. On one hand, you miss the excitement, but on the other, you’re just relieved because why should you bother shaving if your leg hair is blonde? Not that I’m talking about myself… just, you know, in general. And like every long-term relationship, those little quirks that once seemed so endearing are now starting to get on my nerves.

Number one – our hobbit hole: if there’s one thing I can guarantee, it’s that this will be our last year living in this tiny flat. Sure, the location’s great, and the rent is sort of student friendly, but we have no sitting area. We have a pretty good kitchen space, but our fridge is tiny. Have I mentioned we have no freezer? And as much as we love each other, there are only so many years a marriage can stand of being crammed into a space where the only room to escape to is the bathroom.

Oh yes, I’d like more space for sure. It seems the more I look around, the more I realise my friends have mostly all grown up and bought houses and spawned children. Things that adults do. Not my London friends, of course. Haha, most of us won’t be able to afford to buy anything in… well… ever. Isn’t that funny? I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. Or maybe I’m just crying.

Perhaps therein lies the problem. Just like that ‘comfortable’ stage in the relationship, I’m now constantly comparing my life in London to the lives of my friends in Canada. Oh sure, London is exciting. It’s always surprising me with gifts and taking me to concerts and festivals. But does it have staying power? Maybe we’d be better off with something less exciting but more dependable. Maybe it’s time to settle down to a suburban life and sub-zero temperatures. On second thought, maybe that’s just the wine talking.

If you’re looking for a little slice of London, you should definitely check out Wara. They are a great band, and I had a lovely chat with one of their singers, Eliane, a couple of weeks ago. Also, if you are keen on books and looking for recommendations, you should head over to this book club blog. These girls are definitely anything but boring.

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