Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ahead of the game

Today I went Christmas shopping, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I know, I know, November 13 is ridiculously early to start. But London just gets so insane during the holidays that I don't dare set foot in a shop after December 1st. The Brits may be calm and orderly, queuing patiently for hours on end, but come December it's every girl for herself. You have to admire the British love of Christmas but must they bring their entire families of screaming children and dogs and strollers into the store? It's a scary Shopaholic meets James Harriot meets Supernanny scenario, and one that I hope to avoid this year.

Which is why I'm being proactive. I went and bought all of Michael's stocking stuffers, plus two cute but cheap stockings we could use this year. They even came with name plates you can insert into the top of the stocking, and though they actually had my name (proof of its rise in popularity since 1983), it was in purple, and what kind of a Christmassy colour is that? My friend kindly suggested I give my husband a heart attack and buy the plate that said 'Baby's 1st Christmas', but I didn't feel like becoming a young widow or sleeping on the couch for the next week - we don't even have a couch so you can imagine how uncomfortable that would be. In the end, I settled for a green 'M' and a red 'C'.

I can't tell you what else I bought, though, or it wouldn't be a surprise for Michael who actually reads my blog because he's supportive and loving and I get mad if he doesn't. Just take my word for it. I'm ahead of the game, and feeling pretty darn smug about it.

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