Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas time's a comin'

Well, it's official. Christmas is apparently ALMOST HERE. This is according to Starbucks, Waitrose, and pretty much every other retailer here in London. And everyone needs to hurry up and BUY STUFF before Christmas is GONE FOREVER - or until next year. They put the Christmas decorations up on Oxford Street the day after Halloween, which the Brits seem to have sort of kind of adopted. Though I personally think that as far as European Pagan traditions go, this festival is way cooler. Anyway it's just as well they have Halloween here, because if they hadn't, what would have stopped them putting up fairy lights and giant candy canes in August? Actually, Harrods did this in July... and we can only hope they were confused by the unseasonably cold weather we had last summer (though the reality is probably purely profit-based, and... oh look!... there goes my faith in humanity).

You might think I sound like a bit of a grinch, but the truth is... I love Christmas. I love it so much that I actually thought the Christmas Town in the Nightmare Before Christmas was a genius idea. I love it so much that I whined every day to my mother until she sent us Christmas decorations last year. It's not just the presents (though I really love those, and if you want to send me some I won't say no). It's the food and the music and the annual Christmas tree argument. I'm gutted I can't go home for Christmas, but at least it will be somewhat less of a Cratchit Christmas than last year.

My poor husband already has to deal with my building excitement.

"Darling, do you think Santa will remember we live in London?"

"You know you're not five anymore, right? RIGHT?"

Don't worry, dear readers, I promise not to go overboard. I won't succumb to the commercialisation of the holiday and set up my decorations too early. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go out for a bit. There's an eggnog latte with my name on it.

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