Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hump day blues

So the internet is all atwitter with the news that those child-hoarding fundies with the reality TV show are having their 20th kid (insert giant vagina jokes here... don't worry, there's lots of room for them!). I think it's fair to say I'm having quite the pessimistic day, and I'm pretty sure the world's going to hell in a handbasket. Here are my top reasons why:

1) Child hoarders who are single-handedly trying to increase the world's population to 8 billion.

2) Canadians who persist in hating Qu├ębec - why, people, why? Let's jump on a new bandwagon and hate Saskatchewan instead. I mean, it's all trapezoid and sh*t.

3) I am a grown woman who still fears her mother's wrath and therefore must write her swearwords with an asterisk.

4) Mincemeat pies don't actually have any meat in them. That is just false advertising and I am very disappointed!

5) Airport body scanners.

6) Day nine of NaBlo and already I've resorted to making lists.

7) Lists I can't even finish...

Lordy, I just hope this mood doesn't last all winter or I'll have to buy one of those hideous visors that shine UV light on your face.

1 comment:

Robin said...

I was actually informed last year that traditional mincemeat pies did used to have meat in them, although I can't say that sounds all that appealing to me!