Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Morning gems from the underground

I can't think of anyone in London who actually enjoys their morning commute, aside from those who work at home (whose morning commute is to go to the window and look down upon all the miserable souls running around). Sadly, I don't work from home. And while I try not to let it stress me out, there are a few things I can't stand. Namely the fact that I'm so short compared to everyone. I mean, my nose is a armpit height, people! And let me tell you, it can get pretty hot in those trains and not everyone wears deodorant like they should.

Luckily my morning is brightened occasionally by the fabulous transport worker on the southbound platform of the Bakerloo line at Paddington station. The workers on the platforms are there to make sure nobody gets stuck in the doors and that everyone makes space for each other, and that everyone stays behind the yellow line as they should so no accidents occur to inconvenience the rest of us. They make boring announcements on their bullhorns to this effect, but my dude takes it upon himself to say funny and interesting things. Here are a couple of his gems:

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It's Monday morning already, but don't worry, it only happens once a week."

"Please move right down inside the carriages... that's right. Pack yourselves in like sardines!"

It always makes me smile... which is no easy task given that I tend to wait until I'm at work to have my first coffee, before which I am about as charming as an angry rhino.

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