Monday, November 28, 2011

Moving on

Today we went and checked out a flat in the suburbs, as we're unsure if we'll stay in our current building next school year. This other flat isn't really any nicer than what we're currently in, but it has the undeniable advantage of being about half of what we're paying now. Still, it's a world away from inner London, and I think we both found it a little foreign.

"Smell that. I think it's what they call clean air."
"Shh! It's too quiet here to talk in a normal voice. We'd better whisper."

The area is nice, though, with wide, leafy streets. The high street seems lively(ish), and it has earned bonus points from me for having a Vietnamese restaurant. So we'll see. It's not the only place in contention for next year, but so far we like what we've seen.

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