Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It’s time to do NaBloPoMo.

It starts off easily, as though

Ideas that come naturally

Flow through my fingers practically

All on their own. This blogging thing

Will be an easy task to swing.

One post a day, that’s all it takes

It’s not that hard, for goodness’ sake!

The topics range from food I cook,

To politics and favourite books.

I criticise and I opine

Hey, ten days in, I’m doing fine!

Although now that I think of it,

My inspiration starts to quit

Around about the fourteenth day.

Oh crap! I’m not even halfway!

The boring bits, the most mundane

Events get written up. It’s lame.

My stream of consciousness begins

My writing’s getting Proustian.

But luckily the third week in

Is when I get my second wind…

Or… maybe it was just a breeze.

Will someone write this for me, please?

My mind is blank (and so’s the page)

I’m feeling the first signs of rage.

Oh why did I sign up for this?

My sense has been a bit remiss.

I hope, I pray, it’s not a sign

I’ll stop before the finish


giaghani said...

haha, I LOOVVEDDD this. :) excellent poem. And good luck through the month! It's my first time trying to churn out a post each day so we'll see how it goes!

Cait said...

Thanks! Good luck to you, too! I did NaBlo last year, though at the time I was between jobs, which made it significantly easier. Doing NaBlo whilst gainfully employed this year will probably present more of a challenge.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Came to this late, but totally love it. Hope you ended up at the finish...



Cait said...

Thank you. I did end up at the finish... line in the end. I look forward to my next NaBlo, and might even try one of the other months - after I've recovered from this year's efforts, of course. ;)