Friday, November 4, 2011

Of kilts and Ceilidhs

We're going Scottish country dancing tonight. When I told (I mean asked) my husband to come, he was immediately suspicious.

"What is Scottish dancing? Is it like lord of the dance? I'm not wearing a kilt."

"It's not like lord of the dance. Or river dance. You'll like it. It's like square dancing."

"I hate square dancing."

"Ah, well then it's nothing like square dancing."

"But you just said it was! Also, I don't want to have to listen to bagpipes."

"There won't be any bagpipes. Mostly just fiddles. And they'll all sound like this: diddle diddle diddle diddle deeee."

"Oh god. Does it at least have a bar?"

"Yes, it has a bar. They sell beer. So will you come to the Scottish dancing?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"You always have a choice. I just hope you'll choose wisely."

"So no. Okay, sign me up."

I am very excited for tonight. Should be good times. You'll have to wait for tomorrow for Michael's verdict, though.

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