Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two years

Another year of marriage has come and gone, and we have not killed each other in this tiny flat - yay! Yes, yes, I know marriage is more than just not strangling one another, but I refuse to get all gushy in this blog. Suffice to say we're pretty darn happy. And to avoid last year's anniversary fiasco, I am taking off my apron and we are celebrating in style at our favourite restaurant.

Also, this afternoon we are going to Spitalfields market and I am very excited. Though I am having trouble deciding what to wear. Michael loves the area, with its air of industrial chic, and though I quite like it, I am definitely more of a chic chic girl. I always feel I'm not cool enough for the East end, and I have a feeling my usual weekend uniform of pearls and cashmere doesn't really fit in with all the hipsters and their vintage tees and urban frocks.

Plus, I totally don't have enough piercings or tattoos. Hey, that's what I can do to show my love for my husband on this, our 2nd anniversary. I'll get a pair of those hideous earrings that make your piercing holes bigger. Nothing says love like an earlobe you can stick your finger through!

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