Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You know you're a Londoner when you...

1) Routinely go to places like Paris, Malaga, or Rome on vacation, but never go to Glasgow.

2) Use pointy elbows to get past slow-walking tourists.

3) Defend your neighbourhood pub above all others.

4) Subscribe to various 'what's going on in London' emails... then only attend a handful of events.

5) Constantly feel guilty for not going to more events/museums/galleries, and so sign up for more newsletters.

6) Know that it's faster to walk most places downtown... the tube map is not to scale, oh foolish tourists clogging up the underground.

7) Understand the term 'Boris bike'.

8) Feel smug and superior every time you save money with the Taste Card.

9) Complain about the ridiculously high cost of living...

10) ...but refuse to live anywhere else.

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